Did you know NFL teams that start the season 0-2 rarely make it to the postseason?

Yes, you probably already knew that. You’ve probably heard the percentages on this referenced over and over for the past few days, both before and after Sunday’s games. Since the NFL went to 12 playoff teams in 1990, only 12 percent of teams to start the season 0-2 have made the postseason. Since the switch to eight divisions in 2002, it’s just 10.5 percent.

From the four teams that can win it all to the group just looking to stay competitive, here’s a rundown of every team that sits at .500 after two games.
However, while each individual 0-2 team has only a small chance to make the playoffs, the odds that at least one of them will actually do it are much higher. Each week, Football Outsiders runs 50,000 season simulations for our playoff odds report. In 41.2 percent of our simulations this week, one of the teams that is currently 0-2 makes its way to the playoffs. In fact, three teams have done it in the past two seasons.

With the Jets trailing by only four points with 1:50 left in the first half, Raymond muffed a punt at his own 14-yard line. The Raiders recovered at the 4 and scored three plays later on a momentum-changing touchdown.

Raymond also had two muffs in Week 1, both recovered by the Jets. After Sunday’s game, coach Todd Bowles expressed frustration, admitting he was concerned.

“I’m not going to give any excuses,” Raymond said. “You’ve got to catch the ball. On a punt return, you got to do it. That’s one of the easier kicks of the game that I took for granted.”

The Jets have two job vacancies because Raymond handled punts and kickoff returns in the first two games. They could turn to wide receiver Jeremy Kerley and/or rookie running back Elijah McGuire or they could use the roster opening to add a return specialist.
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