Unlike the Browns, the Jets aren’t ruling out their rookie quarterback starting Day 1.
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While downplaying Sam Darnold’s first day at rookie minicamp, Jets coach Todd Bowles also wasn’t ready to name Josh McCown the team’s starting quarterback without a competition.

Seth Markman: When you combine all the networks, it will be. Obviously with Fox being in it now. For us, it won’t be, probably, based on that, I would guess. I would love to say we’re going to have a huge rating. I think we will. But I just don’t know. It’s hard to predict how the viewership is going to be with the Fox simulcast now for the first time. It’s an interesting dynamic. We obviously hope that our loyal viewers of 39 years will stick with us for the telecast. And I think the majority will. But I think you know, better than me, by putting another network into the mix, it’s got to split some viewers I guess.

Speaking of loyalty, I tweeted I thought the NFL messed ESPN over by letting Fox get the Draft. And that ESPN has never gotten the credit it deserved for realizing the potential of a property that even Commissioner Pete Rozelle himself didn’t see as TV-worthy. Comment?

Belichick was a supporter of Trump during the presidential campaign and has reportedly spoken to him recently about the status of Tom Brady.
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Walker was also a supporter of Trump’s campaign and has been friends with Trump since playing for the Trump-owned New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League. And while Belichick doesn’t necessarily look like he always practices regular physical activity and good nutrition himself, Walker is clearly devoted to physical fitness, given that he was fighting in mixed martial arts in his 50s and still looks like a Greek god.

He also hemorrhaged turnovers at a record pace, and too often failed to get back on defense. There are some diminishing returns in dispatching the league’s most unguardable post player since Shaq to the perimeter — fewer post-ups, Phil McConkey Jersey the evaporation of Cousins’ beastly offensive rebounding. Davis also had to defend stretchier players farther from the rim, negating at least a bit of his otherworldly shot-blocking.
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Cousins and Davis made it work well enough. The Pelicans outscored opponents by about 4.5 points per 100 possessions — 134 points total — in more than 1,000 minutes with both of them on the floor, per NBA.com. That was about the same as Utah’s differential for the season.